4 Ways You Can Emigrate To Australia

Gone are the days where you can simply get into a boat and land in your destination of choice. In current society, the rules of citizenship and emigration are much stricter. These rules apply to Australia as well. Although the government is doing its duty to help refugees, it is doing its best to ensure that the country is safe as well. If you determined about moving into this particular countries, listed below are four ways in which you can achieve your dreams.

Employee Sponsored Workers

This is one of easiest ways of moving into any country. But first of all, you will have to find yourself a good job. Once you have successfully worked in the country for a particular period of time – do note that this period of working shifts from time to time – you can apply for permanent residency. During these years of work, you have to convince the employer – with your job skills – that no other Australian citizen will be able to replace you.

Business Entry

The category is open for open for people who are between the ages of 18-50. Under this system, you will get citizenship you establish a business or invest in a pre-established business in Australia. However, not everyone who invests in the country gets residency. You must make sure that you are contributing towards the betterment of fellow Australians – especially by employing a lot of them. To ensure that you get the permanent residency, you can create a business along with a partner visa.

Partner Citizenship

This is one the most commonly used methods. According to partner visa system, an individual will be granted citizenship if he/she marries a citizen of Australia or a permanent resident. However, subsequent to the wedding, the marriage must last at least two years for you to legalize your citizenship. Moreover, the marriage must be done in a fully legal manner in front of the authority as well. The government has enforced many rules for this system over the recent years since many people have started to get married just for the purpose of getting citizenship, which has resulted in a lot of divorces.

Investor Retirements

This opportunity is only available for those who are over 55 years and are without dependants – excluding the spouse. If you can submit the necessary documents to prove that you are self-funding yourself, then it is possible for you to retire in Australia. Although you might not get a permanent residency, you will get a visa for four years to spend your retirement peacefully.

You have to ensure that all the documents and paperwork is done perfectly since if you are rejected foe submitting the wrong document, you are not likely to get accepted again.