A Great Way To Make The Most Of Your Next Big Holiday In Queensland

When the plane begins its descent over the Cairns Airport in Queensland, the sun is just starting to set. You can almost feel the cool breeze outside as you watch the soft clouds grow a darker shade of amber or purple as the plane descends further. Down below, you can see the palm trees sway lightly in the wind, while the turquoise blue sea now glistening with the light of the setting sun sends bubbling waves towards the shores on which you will soon be wandering along. You close your eyes and brace yourself for the landing as the aircraft begins to shudder and the wheels work against the air pressure when they meet the frictional force of the runway below. So what awaits you in the land beyond the walls of this airport? Let us find out;

Become Familiar with Your New Surroundings

You will be able to see most if the popular tourist destinations in Queensland during airport to Palm Cove transfers.

Some companies, which offer airport shuttle services, also offer a tour of the area including the infamous Coral Sea, the quiet and tranquil village of Kuranda and the bustling Cairns City. Cairns airport to Palm Cove transfers take a while and if you want to make the trip a pleasant one, the best option is to go for the day tour option as it will allow you to relax your muscles and walk around a bit during the journey without having to be buckled down to a seat for several hours.

Enjoy the Beautiful Sights

Taking a day tour in Queensland is definitely a feast for the eyes. The view from the mountains as you travel along the Skyrail is simply breath taking. You will be able to witness the serene beauty that is indigenous to this region through the tall rainforest trees on the mountaintops and the golden sands of the beach below. As the train finds its way through the forest, you will also be able to catch a glimpse of the local beasts and birds if luck is on your side. You can book the day tour on your way back to the airport after your trip as well. This way you may also be able to make a stopover at Kuranda to have a look around and benefit from the sights that the scenic rail has to offer on the shuttle’s way back to the Cairns Central Station.

Discover the Local Charms

If your hotel is located approximately Port Douglas, then there is a great opportunity for you to explore the surrounding area by way of a day tour as there are many tour services to choose from. You can even go shopping for souvenirs in Cairns City as many tours allow for a couple of hours of shopping time during a day tour. You can also taste the delicious food at one of the popular restaurants in the city or at the Cairns Central Shopping Centre.