Are You Concerned About The Environment?

The environment is our surroundings including the air that we breathe. A nice clean environment should be what everyone is working for. Simply wanting an environment with no pollution will get you nowhere, you need to work for it. Yes, the world is a huge place and you cannot suddenly start making things right for everyone, but you can do simple things around you. May be at your home, your workplace or school. Be the change you want to see. You can start with no littering, not wasting resources like water, electricity, food and so on. Then you can move on to not encouraging or supporting others who litter or waste. Next you can advise people about the damage they would be causing and prevent them from contributing to pollution. These are very simple things you can do each and every day. It is always better to actually do something than just complain or preach.
Know the facts
Today, we are living in a very competiting and confusing world and most probably this situation will get worse with time. The options when it comes to anything; there are so many and it is hard to pick one. Sometimes it can be very confusing. For example, what is better? Paper bags or plastic bags. The common idea is that environmentally paper bags are better and as a result you can find custom shopping bags. Yet, have you ever wondered whether this has some valid basis? The world today has become a market place and we do not see the truth at all times. It is hidden from plain sight. It is camouflaged with the trends that are set from time to time.
What actually is better?
Global warming is something not needed for our environment, which eventually causes many disasters throughout the world. Paper bags contribute more than plastic bags towards global warming. As we all know trees are the reason why global warming is controlled so far. Paper production has a heavy impact on timber cutting and pulp production. Since paper bags are frail when compared with plastic bags, they need to be stronger and for that strong paper fibres are needed. Most of these bags are produced from newly cut wood and wood chips. Still because these bags are not strong enough to hold goods, their quantity is doubled, resulting in double the resources being wasted. Also note that, unlike plastic bags, paper bags cannot be re-used again and again. In conclusion, plastic bags could be a better choice if you consider the fact that paper bags require natural resources for production and that the quantity needed is high, while both plastic and paper bags can be recycled and plastic  bags can be reused a lot when compare with paper bags.