Fighting Dangerous Corporations

It might seem like something out of a conspiracy movie but the truth is that there are many multibillion dollar industries that are focused very heavily on the misfortune of others. These industries that are actually funded by you and I, are creating misfortune and then making money off of it. However, it is up to us, the youth of today to work hard to expose these evil and dangerous industries that are hurting humans, hurting animals and hurting the environment. There are a few people focused on working toward the rights of humans but there are a few people looking at the plight of animals in this dangerous maze of power. Most people focus on saving humans but do not even think twice about abusing an animal and this can be very difficult for an animal activist to watch.

Common sense
It is important for you to ask yourself how exactly the doctors that you put your trust and faith in make money. Common sense will tell you that the medical industry makes money off of you being sick and that if you were to instantly turn healthy, if the world was to instantly turn healthy, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry and many other big institutions will lose a lot of money. A little research in to the subject will show you that the meat industry, the dairy industry, the sugar industry, the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry is a connected in one big vicious circle. It is important for us, the youth and the younger generation to expose these crimes committed by these industries. You could print tee shirts, print bags or even foil invitations London. London has sadly become one of the biggest power houses for these industries to work their brainwashing of the human race and sadly, the millions and billions invested are working.

It can be difficult as a young person with not very much money to fight against giant corporations but you can do it by using the simplest of methods possible. You could print business card sized cards with information about these industries and leave them on buses, in schools or even at your university so that other people will find it and pass the card around to their own friends. It is important that you do not give up your fight for justice. One of the biggest enemies of the corporations is social media because after the invention of social media, a lot of these secrets that these industries have fought so hard to protect are coming to light.