Giving Reduction to Office Bills


One of the issues of running and office is all the bills that come on time when you dread it the most. This can be applied to our daily lives too. But office bills tend to have a lot more zeroes than the bill for the house and as the owner of a business where you are looking for profits rather than reductions this can be a bit of a downer. ● Energy efficiency
If your office run on gadgets and electronic equipment (computers, printers, phone systems, photocopy machines and such) almost all of them have an energy efficiency mode called eco-mode or something of similar wording. Make sure your equipment always runs on this mode as it will cut down on your electricity bills a lot. And when you are buying new equipment always go for the energy efficient ones and the environmentally friendly ones.
Updating old equipment into the newer software, hardware, phone systems in Sydney and parts will also cut back on your electricity usage as they will work more efficiently and increase productivity of the office. Try to figure out what the peak hours of your region is and try to accommodate your heavy electricity-draining work like large printing jobs and such onto the non-peak hours as it will be reduce the energy consumption.
● Hibernation
Most computers, laptops, newer versions of photocopy machines and printers all have a sleep mode and/ or a hibernation mode. Make sure your employees know where exactly these are in the operating system and how to turn these modes on and off. Sending a general instruction manual (a short and bullet point format) will help in letting them know. Sleep mode is the general mode of the device turning off its functions other than the vital ones and the device starts working when you give it a task again. Hibernation is the total shut down of the functions and the device will turn off and will only be turned on by the power button. Hibernation is different from shutting down as your prior data will stay the same.
 ● Use alternative energy
Going for a sustainable alternative for your energy consumption will allow you to upgrade your current electricity systems to a one where you do not end up paying bills for electricity, and it will also give your company/brand name a good reputation. You can go for biomass, solar energy, wind energy (if your company is big enough to afford a wind turbine or a windmill) will help your give your brand name a ‘going green’ perspective that will get more investors to you. Most of these systems are packed with recommendations, government backing and also long term warranty periods that makes sure that your money is not going wasted.
Keep up your systems and equipment to the most updated and newest versions as the newer ones run on the most efficient energy cycles and uses least amounts of energy when in sleep mode.