The Useful Shelving Systems In Supermarkets

Today is the age of shopping malls, supermarkets and departmental stores where people are offered with multiple options for every single thing. Apart from serving the customers with countless choices these market places make shopping an easy, convenient and less time consuming experience for them.

In the supermarkets or departmental stores, where each and every need for grocery and day-to-day household staff is catered to, gondola shelving is a very common and probably the predominant shelving or display pattern. Gondolas are the vertical shelves with multiple rows stacked one upon the other. Generally these gondolas do not have any columns and the items to be sold are categorically displayed on each shelf.

Items of the same kind are normally put on one timber flooring displays have custom design displays while its different rows are likely to be dedicated to exhibit the same item from different brands. Sometimes, the rows are arranged in a manner that each row contains the same product but with differing weight measurement and price range. When we get into a departmental store for buying our groceries, we are helped with the signage installations giving us directions to the different sections dedicated for different categories of grocery items and food products. And when we move through those sections, we find separate gondolas for different kinds. The products are so sequentially organized in those gondolas that this particular shelving or display pattern seems to be just perfect for a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience whatsoever.

Though the look and effect of this shelving is almost the same everywhere in the world, the gondolas can be custom made according to the need, taste and budget of the retailer.

Different kinds of materials can be used to make gondolas with varying durability and cost. However, the shop owners do not cut their budget in this particular corner as the gondolas are a long term investment which is only going to pay them back in the long run; so, it is better to install good quality retail display cabinets in the stores in the very initial stage and you are off with further worries. T

he height of the gondolas are a big consideration while making them, as people from different age groups and also from different walks of life come to shop from the super stores. And a chocolate display shelf or the gondola for toys and stationery goods which are the attraction points of children and school-going kids should be of low height keeping in mind the average height of kids, so that they can easily access it. Same applies for the aged and the disabled class. The gondola accessories help categorize the items with name displays and also save them from falling from the racks too often.