What Is The Most Powerful Tool In Marketing?

Before we begin to answer this question, let us examine what marketing means. Marketing is often a vague concept to many. Does it mean selling a good or service? In reality, marketing is much more than that. It encompasses all aspects of the development, production, pricing, promotion and distribution of a product or service.
The answer to the question of what is the most powerful tool in marketing is both subjective and debatable. However, most academics and businessmen often quote branding as their answer. Indeed, it can be argued that branding is the culmination of most of the other aspects of marketing, such as product development, manufacturing, advertising and distribution. All these elements of marketing are created with regard to the brand that is being developed.
Brands are familiar concepts to us all. Indeed, it has been said that people don’t buy products, so much as they buy brands. This is often very true as we frequently, perhaps even sub-consciously, select the products and services we buy on the basis of their brand. This is because brands have the power to portray and convey certain personalities, characteristics and images. Consumers will often purchase brands that match their self perceptions or their future aspirations. 
Branding is often the key to the success of most products and services. A brand that is developed with the target market in mind will have the greatest probability of success; in other words, the brand must be created in such a way as to appeal to the hearts, minds and aspirations of the target market, see this best social media management services.
Taking Your Product or Service to Foreign LandsBranding can become a sensitive issue when you attempt to take your product or service to a foreign market. In foreign countries, the impact of language, culture, religion and other factors must be taken into consideration when marketing your brand. In such cases, it may be advisable to seek the help of marketing professionals in the foreign country. For instance, if your company is based in Australia and you want to enter the market in Hong Kong, you may recruit the help of a company that provides brand development services in Hong Kong.
Such professionals in the foreign country will help you ensure that you don’t make mistakes that could not only damage the reputation of your organization but also be potentially fatal to your attempts to enter the foreign market. For example, in France, Colgate launched a toothpaste named “Cue”, while unaware that the name was shared by a French pornographic magazine. Such mishaps and mistakes can be avoided by obtaining a firm understanding of the foreign country and through the employment of local experts.